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1130 Consulting
1130 Consulting

We provide digital strategies and solutions that turn small businesses into brands.      

What We Do

Digital solutions for small businesses

Our world is a very different one today. We need elastic ideas and the ability to adapt in order to stand out and stay ahead of the competition.1130 Consulting provides digital marketing strategies, web design, and analytics monitoring to help create a smarter brand that's ready for the now. If your online presence needs a little            we have solutions that provide real traction for business momentum. 


Digital Strategies

Scaling up your business means you need a winning digital strategy. We collaborate with you to help identify your target audience, analyze your competition, and create an action plan that drives qualified traffic to your site, so you can sell more stuff. 

About Us

1130 Consulting was born out of the idea that small businesses need to see themselves as brands, yet many small business owners think that creating a brand strategy is out of reach. 

Let's talk possibilities!

Drop us a line! We want to know more about you and your small business and help you grow your digital presence.

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Beyond infrequent social media posts and a basic web presence, most small businesses rarely have the resources or time necessary to see their brand flourish as a digital marketing strategy.

1130 Consulting can help you see your small business become a brand with a footprint in the digital marketplace and then work with you to help nurture and grow that presence.

Using a combination of best of breed marketing tools and a dynamic team of marketing professionals, 1130 Consulting has put together packaged marketing programs that are:

Easy to implement

Easy to customize

Quick to yield results

Our "Marketing in a box" concept helps us turn your small business into a brand in just a matter of weeks.

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